Never Pay Credit Card Debt

People look for a way to never pay credit card debt again especially in these extremely difficult financial times. Most would consider it a miracle if they discovered a way to do the seemingly impossible. There is a way and it’s not a miracle. It’s just plain old federal law pulled out of Uncle Sam’s All-American Top Hat and it isn’t magic.

You can totally forget about reducing your interest rate and amount by 50% for starters. And, hoodpay there’s no need for consolidation loans, credit counseling or even bothering with bankruptcy because all these methods are out of date antique hogwash. Hard times make these medieval remedies very unattractive. It’s like volunteering to be burned at the stake by card companies and their hooded villains, the debt collectors.

Over the last few hundred years since our country was founded it does appear that Uncle Sam has done some very strange things that seemed unimaginable and even confounding the thinking of experts in every field of endeavor. But, instafinanz the one thing that has remained steady throughout our history is the rule of law and it might surprise you to know it’s the key to never paying a card account again, getting away with it and being rewarded for your efforts!

To get comfortable with the idea and to understand the “hows and whys” will require one of the most dreaded things an American can do known as Work! It’s not that tough. If you can slide a mouse for some copying and pasting then you can do it within hours and you might find it an extremely enjoyable experience not to mention getting rid of that dumb card.

If you’re ready to begin this mind blowing, life changing experience then copy and paste the search term “the gig is up – money, the Federal Reserve and you” to watch this video seminar presented at the University Of Colorado School Of Law.

Having watched the gig there can be no doubt about the eliteness of your new and improved gray matter but the best is yet to come. While your mouse is burning with desire for more information use the search term “the Chicago debacle” to see how greedy banks and the newly formed plastic card industry had Uncle Sam fuming mad to the point of almost outlawing cards from existence forever!

Yes, dumping millions of cards all over the place in a money flinging orgy really did create some anger amongst Uncle Sam’s congressional helpers. What they came up with and made into law was totally ingenious. If you wanted to keep the fraudulent card system the banks were peddling, you could but on the other hand you could use it, abuse it, throw it in the trash without paying and be rewarded for doing the same to the debt collectors.

No doubt you’ve heard about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act but until you learned the real reason it was written, you probably didn’t think about the power of this nuclear legal bomb when dropped directly on card companies and collectors heads. While your mouse is still glowing white hot, smaller-homes search the term “FTC debt video” to familiarize yourself what collectors can and can’t do.

As you know banks don’t lose a penny when you stop paying so they pick up a few dollars by selling your old account information to collectors and as you saw in the FTC cartoon they walk a very fine line on what they can and can’t say to people when they solicit money for an old debt you didn’t owe in the first place. This is how Uncle Sam’s ingenious reward money for not paying is produced.

You will need a recording device to record the calls as proof your rights have been violated and each violation is worth a minimum of $1000. While most people are afraid to answer their phone, you can confidently answer those calls and record them. There is one thing you must do; never give the caller any information whatsoever other than your name. The reason being, if you admit you owe him money then you have established a verbal contract.

The same is true of those collection notices you receive in the mail. Make no admission that you owe anyone and demand “proof of debt” returned to the collector by registered mail with return receipt. There is no reward for this but since there is no proof you owe him a dime, watin-p you are at least out of the woods on that one. But getting back to the rewards for those phone violations just use the search term “man wins 1.5 million from collector” to see living proof and don’t forget awards up to $8.1 million have already happened.


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