Why Matrix Compensation Plans Are Not All That They Are Cracked Up to Be

I’m very sure you have been involved in many different types of MLMs in if you have been in network marketing for any length of time. Most of MLM compensation plans claim that all you have to do is join their 3×10 or 5×6 or similar forced matrices and you’ll be on your way to earn millions of dollars. If you take a closer look, you will find your head will start spinning and MLM or matrix compensation plans are not all they are cracked up to be.

There are tons of MLM network marketing companies online. Most of the MLM compensation plans claim that all you have to do is join their 3×10 or 2×2 or similar forced matrices and you’ll be on your way to earn millions of dollars. Now, that is a truck load of money. After all, redribbonlive each person is only required to refer 2 people. And because it is a forced matrix, it means your upline’s referral will be placed under you when they have already had referred 2 people.

It seems very possible to earn that thousands of dollars doesn’t it? Well, just ask yourself, are you earning that kind of money yet? No, you’re not. That’s why many people jump from MLM company to MLM company on the Internet looking for an even better “turn key” automatic money system to join. Well,you can stop looking because you’ll never find the perfect multilevel marketing pay plan unless you solve the problems that exist with all the MLM matrix compensation plans out there.

The 1st problem is the sheer number of people needed to fill a matrix. For example, lets use a 3×10 matrix. To fill a matrix this size, if you are recruiting one person at a time and filling one position at a time, you would need 1000’s of like minded people, all referring at least 3 people each. Now the truth is, it’s highly unlikely you will ever fill a matrix that size. I know to this date ristomanager no one who has done it, and I have been in this business a long time.Unless you have a team of thousands…the numbers and the nature of a matrix compensation plan is working against you from the get go!

The 2nd problem with a MLM matrix compensation pay plan is retention. Most matrix compensation programs with a monthly fee are nearly impossible to fill because by the time you recruit someone, MATRIX CRACK they do nothing or are unable to market their MLM, so they drop out(inactive) leaving you to fill that same position again. It’s frustrating, discouraging and depressing but this is the main reason that 97% of those who join an MLM fail or quit.

The third problem is this. The most money to be made in a MLM matrix compensation pay plan is in the higher levels where the matrix is widest. In a 3×10, the 7th – 10 th level is where you make the most money, but it’s very unlikely you will ever make money on those levels. Why? Most MLM compensation plans are set up so that you have to fill your matrix one person or one position at a time starting on your first level, then you have to fill your second level, then your third, then your fourth and so on. Unless you are a MLM recruiting machine,this an impossible task.

And, if the people you recruit do nothing, or can’t recruit, then your matrix stalls out, and you give up. You have put in a lot of effort, and made Nada, not one single penny, because the money is made at the higher levels, where the matrix is the widest. This is what most MLM business owners are beating on! If you never fill your matrix, and you never reach the higher levels of the matrix to earn, who do you think gets that money?

The owner of that matrix compensation program! Is the force matrix the answer? Though the concept of a “FORCED MATRIX” compensation plan sounds nice, it simply won’t work because 95% of the people simply do not excel in recruiting. That is why a 2×10 MLM compensation plan sounds do good but treats you so bad. You get 2 who get 2 who get2.. but you’ll never get there if 95% of your team don’t get 2.And the remaining 5% of the people can’t possibly refer the entire matrix of 1000s + people all by themselves.


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