What Are The Top 20 Animated Cartoons of All Time? What Made Them So Good?

Who said cartoons are for the young? The effects and technology that goes into making a top animated movie are nothing short of brilliant! How can you not appreciate that? kaufen sie k2 online

The top 20 animated cartoons of all time are based on revenue, how much they gross. The following list has collectively earned a total of more than USD200 million – but what is it about animated cartoons that attracts viewers and fills movie theaters? The following titles may give you a hint.

1. Shrek 2
2. Finding Nemo
3. The Lion King
4. Shrek the Third
5. Shrek
6. The Incredibles
7. Monsters, Inc
8. Toy Story 2
9. Cars
10. Aladdin
11. Ratatouille
12. Happy Feet
13. Ice Age: Meltdown
14. Madagascar
15. Toy Story
16. The Simpsons
17. The Polar Express
18. Ice Age
19. Beauty and the Beast
20. Tarzan

Of course the advent of 3D computer software has brought animated characters to ‘life’, so to speak. Viewers cannot help but be enthralled at the realistic features, character traits and movements. Teamed with whacky objects that do amazing things, incredible special effects and backgrounds – these are one of the reasons these animated cartoons are so popular.

People also love to laugh and be entertained – animated cartoons are designed to do just that, make people laugh and evoke emotions, so a great storyline is essential. Nobody wants to see an animated cartoon movie set around a dramatic storyline. Characters must be fun, whacky, lovable and endearing, which all of these are. Backgrounds are beautifully illustrated and objects move and do silly things, telling their own story and in the process entertain as much as the characters do. It also helps to have a well known actor as the voice and personality behind the character – someone the audience can identify with and almost without exception all the top 20 often have more than one.

Yet without technology and some brilliant and talented people, anime4up this all would not be possible. Bringing a drawing to lifelike proportions and allowing it tell a story is nothing short of miraculous. With the help of sophisticated software programs and teams of highly talented people who possess colossal ideas and fantastic imaginations, animated cartoons as sophisticated as we see today, would not be possible.

The next time you think a cartoon is for kids only, think again. Treat yourself to an hour or two of amazing special effects, jiliko a great storyline and all the benefits technology and computers can bring, and give credit where it is indeed due.


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