ADHD Treatment Options And Strategies

There are many and varied ADHD treatment options, ranging from medication to counselling, exercise, coaching, behaviour strategies and support groups. When looking over the various ADHD treatment possibilities, it is important to pick something that will address all of an individual’s unique needs. Individuals with ADHD face many challenges and have to deal with many weaknesses. However, adhd Milwaukee those same individuals also host a score of different strengths, skills and abilities. The goal of ADHD treatment options is to capitalize and maximize the strengths while minimizing the weaknesses to the best degree possible, creating strategies around the challenges to allow the individual to operate autonomously and effectively. Many ADHD treatment options are proving to be extremely effective. As one example, beneficial effects of stimulant medication as an ADHD treatment option can be dramatic, and for some children with ADHD it enables them to function at a level that is no longer distinguishable from their classmates. This is certainly also possible for adults with ADHD. The majority of individuals who receive stimulant medication do not experience any adverse side effects, and the medication is generally believed to be quite safe for long-term use. When trying to decide on an ADHD treatment program, it is important to differentiate between the primary symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, and the associated secondary problems such as academic struggles, disruptive behavior, social difficulties, and emotional problems such as depressed mood and low self-esteem. A combination of the following ADHD treatment options may prove beneficial.


    • Exercise: Exercise is a natural mood lifter, and recent studies are demonstrating its success in helping to increase and lengthen attention span and the ability to focus.


    • Coaching: An ADHD coach works with their clients to create daily structure and organization while providing support and encouragement to set goals and rewards and keep them focused even when obstacles occur.


    • Creativity: While ADHD presents a number of challenges, capitalize on the strengths. Get creative – use the ability to multitask to get involved in many and numerous interesting projects. Learn a new instrument. Take a dance class. Pick up a new hobby.


    • Medication: The most common and effective types of medication used as an ADHD treatment option are stimulants. It is unclear at this time why a stimulant (which speeds up brain activity) is having such positive effects on such symptoms as hyperactivity and impulsivity. However, file transfer free around 75% of patients are having a successful treatment rate.


    • Behavior Strategies and Interventions: Behavior modification has been demonstrated to be very effective for many individuals with ADHD. It involves a rewards system with clear consequences for behavior – rewards for positive behaviors with the goal of increasing them, and consequences for negative ones which should over time decrease the unwanted behaviors.


    • Counselling: Counselling as one of the ADHD treatment options gives the individual the chance to work through some of the frustration the condition brings, as well as some of its secondary impacts (i.e. – difficulty with relationships, poor self-esteem, etc.)


  • Support Groups: Parents, spouses, or the individual with ADHD might opt to join a support group as one of the ADHD treatment options. Support groups offer strength, education, and encouragement. The opportunity to share with others the struggles and frustrations can be reassuring and uplifting.


ADHD is an actual condition that should be recognized as such. However, there is no reason why with making use of effective ADHD treatment options that an individual with ADHD cannot reach their full potential as autonomous and effective adults.


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